Anyone can easily
prevent data tampering
with blockchain .

ZAPC is a service that guarantees the reliability and security of data by applying the blockchain technology used in the crypto asset field.



Challenges in introducing blockchain technology

Development of blockchain technology requires learning an uncommon programming language
The number of blockchain engineers is small worldwide
Huge cost and time for development
Difficult to develop a system that can generate cost benefits

We will realize the social implementation

of blockchain technology for free.

“No initial cost required” for development and introduction
“Smooth introduction” using Excel / CSV
“Simple operability” that anyone can understand
It is possible to record on the blockchain and issue a certificate in just 3 steps

Existing files can be used

Various Excel / CSV files output from the system can be imported without processing. It is possible to issue a certificate recorded on the blockchain with just two clicks.

Hashing security

The data recorded on the blockchain is hashed (encrypted) and recorded, so the original data will not be leaked to the outside.

Mass processing is possible at once

In addition to using the ontology network, which is a high-performance public chain, high-throughput processing has been achieved by summarizing recorded information with a marquel tree.

No need to own crypto assets

Traditional blockchain services have had to hold crypto assets such as Bitcoin. This service can be used without possessing crypto assets and does not require complicated accounting processing.

Supports digital ID

We were among the first to adopt digital ID, which is an essential means of identity verification in the WEB3.0 era. By using the cryptocurrency wallet at the time of login, it is possible to log in while verifying the identity.

Collaboration with the Ontology Foundation

A safe and secure system developed by the advisors of the BlockChain Foundation.

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